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The Commercial Presentation Area has been renamed to Exceptional Energy Stage to enhance the branding of this opportunity and to reflect the various stakeholders that will be presenting.

The Exceptional Energy Stage will be located in a dedicated space close to the exhibition area (in the Escorial Room of the Forum venue). Exhibitors will showcase new projects, technologies, products or services during a 20 minute presentation.

Please check the Exceptional Energy Stage programme:

Tuesday 28th October 2014
Why investing in high-quality filling equipment always pays off

10:00-10:30am Kosan Crisplant
Tuesday 28th October 2014
Increase Your Revenue and Keep Your Customers: How to Secure your Tanks
and Secure Your Business.
12:30-1:00pm Lock America
Tuesday 28th October 2014
Understanding the lives, needs and challenges of LPG consumers
1:00-1:30pm Hexagon Ragasco

Tuesday 28th October 2014
The global presence of the
network, combined with the expertise
and knowledge of Cavagna’s
people strengthens capabilities,
locally and internationally

1:30-2:00pm Cavagna Group
Tuesday 28th October 2014
5 steps to halving distribution cost
3:30-4:00pm Silicon Controls

Wednesday 29th October 2014
RegO Flomatic Internal Valves
Application, Operation, and Benefits

10:30-11:00am RegO Products
Wednesday 29th October 2014
Achieving Maximum Distribution
Efficiency With No Equipment Investment
12:30-1:00pm TankLink

Wednesday 29th October 2014
LOW8, the Next Generation
of Composite Cylinders

1:00-1:30pm LoW8 B.V.
Wednesday 29th October 2014
Xact® Satellite Tank Monitoring System
1:30-2:00pm Xact Tank Monitoring Systems  


To reserve a slot, click here to download the reservation form and please send it to Camille Pieron at: