ThursDAY, 30TH OCTOBER 2014


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Chopin Foyer
Global Technology Conference
Session 1 - Operations
Chairman: Mr Greg Kerr, Propane Education & Research Council, USA
  • Mr Neil Leslie, Gas Technology Institute, USA
    Environmental Benefits of LP Gas Direct Use in Buildings
  • Mr Yoshio Yamada, New Cosmos Electric Co. Ltd., Japan
    Development of Gas Alarm Systems, Indispensable to Ensuring LP Gas Safety
  • Mr Kerem Kadayifçioglu, Aygaz, Turkey
    Automation Monitoring Systems in LPG Cylinder Filling Operation
  • Mr Shelby Ahmann, TouchStar, USA
    Cost-to-Serve Reporting and the Unrealized Potential in the Propane Industry
  • Mr Lars Sall, Kosan Crisplant, Denmark
    Fully automatic tare reading for boosting safety and business
 Chopin Ballroom
10:30am-11:00am Coffee Break
Chopin Foyer
Global Technology Conference
Session 2 - Applications
Chairman: Ms Paula Wilson, AmeriGas, USA
  • Mrs Anne Feudner, Kohler Power Systems, USA
    Application of Propane to the Mobile Rental Generator Market
  • Mr Mark Walls, Southwest Research Institute, USA
    Direct Injection Liquid Propane
  • Mr Daeyup Lee, Inha University, South Korea
    Diesel-LPG Dual Fuel Technology for 328PS 11L Engine at D-2 Mode
  • Mr Andrea Foglietti, Cavagna Group, Italy
    Enerkit: LPG Systems for Small Engines
  • Mr Chris Dockery, Yanmar America, USA
    Technological Developments in LP Gas Driven Heat Pumps
Chopin Ballroom
12:30pm-2:00pm  Lunch
Chopin Foyer
2:00pm-3:30pm Global Autogas Summit -
Part 1: Fueling Fleets with Autogas
Chairman: Mr Warring Neilsen, Elgas, Australia
  • Mr Bart van Aerle, Prins Autogassystemen BV, The Netherlands
    Prins Direct Injection Technology - now and in the future
  • Mr Joe Thompson, Roush CleanTech, USA
    Dedicated Vehicles for Fleet Operators
  • Mr Tom Armstrong, ThyssenKrupp Elevator Americas, USA
    Propane in the Fuel Mix of a Modern Logistics Enterprise
Chopin Ballroom
3:30pm-4:00pm  Coffee Break
Chopin Foyer
4:00pm-5:30pm Global Autogas Summit -
Part 2 Roundtable: Fueling the Future with Fleets
Chairman: Mr Stuart Weidie, Blossman Gas, USA
  • Mr Eric Johnson, Atlantic Consulting, Switzerland
  • Mr Warring Neilsen, Elgas, Australia
  • Mr David Fernandez de Heredia, Repsol, Spain
  • Mr Tom Armstrong, ThyssenKrupp Elevator Americas, USA
  • Mr Suyash Gupta, Indian Auto LPG Coalition, India
  • Mr Jinsang Park, SK Gas, South Korea
Chopin Ballroom