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WLPGAS 2014 - Welcome to Miami

The North American LP Gas Market

North American remains the largest producer and consumer of LP Gas worldwide. It also continues to lead the industry with innovation in a wide variety of applications. However like developed markets everywhere, it faces formidable competition from natural gas and the steady growth in renewable energy use. This is especially true with the advent of what some experts are calling the ‘shale gas revolution’ which we are just beginning to feel the effects of. With all these changes, the North American market remains a market to watch.

LATIN American LP Gas MarketS

Stretching from the northern deserts of Mexico to the frozen wastes of Tierra del Fuego and including the Caribbean markets, Latin American LP Gas markets are some of the world’s most dynamic. Anchored by giants Mexico and Brazil, the region continues to grow and is pioneering new technology and innovation. Today the region is responsible for nearly 20% of the global domestic demand.