By the President of the World LP Gas Association

On behalf of the Board of Directors and Industry Council of the World LP Gas Association, it is my honour to welcome delegates and exhibitors from all over the world to the 27th World LP Gas Forum in Miami, taking place with the 29th AIGLP Congress. This year, the partnership of the World LP Gas Forum and the AIGLP Congress provides you with a marvellous opportunity to advance your LP Gas interests through contact with global leaders of the LP Gas industry and first-hand exposure to the latest LP Gas technical and market information.

The theme of this year’s Forum is “THE FUTURE STARTS NOW!”. No better emblem of the future could exist than Miami, the dynamic city hosting us this year. The development of Latin America and its rapidly increasing trade and cultural connections with the rest of the world, are visibly evident in the energy of Miami’s business activities, lifestyle, cultural scene and thought leadership. Today, Miami is not only a regional hub, it is an international player in the globalisation game.

The future is always a partner with the past. What you will learn at the Miami Forum, and the people you will meet at the Miami Forum, are the bridges between your LP Gas past and your LP Gas future. Over the three days of the Forum, the acquisition of accurate and up-to-date market data, technical insights, and new friendships, will justify a thousand times over the time and effort you spend in participating. The future of the LP Gas industry has its foundation in a number of critical current trends: governments worldwide prioritising the use of LP Gas as sustainable, affordable energy for all; the increased attention of policymakers on the use of LP Gas for vehicles; the demand for cleaner cities because bad air is now bad politics; the realisation that the cheapest and fastest gas infrastructure to build is for LP Gas, not for CNG or pipeline gas; the continued profitability of ethical, safely operated LP Gas businesses. After attending our Miami Forum, you will be prepared to excel in your LP Gas work. Remember – THE FUTURE STARTS NOW!

The WLPGA and AIGLP thank the Organising Committee and the Forum Sponsors for establishing a portal to our shared future: the World LP Gas Forum in Miami. I look forward to greeting all of you there.

Kimball CHEN
President of the WLPGA


By the President of the Ibero-American LP Gas Association

On behalf of the AIGLP it is my pleasure to invite and welcome the LP Gas Industry to the vibrant city of Miami for the joint Forum of the World LP Gas Association and the Ibero-American Association.

The ever changing world scenario poses new challenges and opportunities for the LP Gas Industry and under this dynamic 21st century the industry choose the theme for the 27th World LP Gas Forum “THE FUTURE STARTS NOW!” Under this general topic presentations and debates will be held from industry experts, leaders and invited guests that will present how LP Gas can make a difference for a better world for all mankind.

In Miami, delegates will have the opportunity to see good business practices that the LP Gas industry has implemented and visions of the future from different regions of the world in autogas, innovation, safety, efficiency, modern industry regulation, emissions, technology and marketing solutions for a better future.

The Ibero-American markets will contribute with interesting presentations on its knowledge and experiences that can be applied in different regions of the world.

I look forward to seeing you in Miami.

Jonathan Saul Benchimol
President of the AIGLP